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About us


What we Do.

Our mission is to equip rising leaders and to facilitate local churches engaging in mission collaboration for the sake of gospel advance in the Foothills and the surrounding region.

The Residency Project is a practical training program and networking group for rising Pastors, Revitalizers, and Church-Planters in the Foothills that is designed to help them launch into their new ministries better equipped and with the relationships they need to begin their ministry. Through monthly cohort meetings, personalized Pastoral coaching, and local church discipleship rising leaders will get the support, encouragement, and relationships they need to more effectively shepherd their churches and mobilize them to reach the region, and nations with the Gospel.

our leadership.

The Residency Project is led by a Directional Team that is composed of locally-based Great Commission Baptist pastors, state and associational leaders.

Our Foothills Directional Leader

Adrian Early

Grace Community Church Marion, NC

Our Foothills Directional Team

Coming soon!

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