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Here's how the residency

The Residency Project is an equipping program and networking group designed to set-up young pastors to be capably mobilized in their ministries to all corners of the region. 

There are three parts to the Residency Project: Cohort Gatherings, Pastoral Coaching, and Local Church Discipleship.


Cohort gatherings

Members of the Residency Project will be invited to monthly cohort gatherings over a period of 24 months. These meetings are hosted by different churches in the area each month, so that residents get a chance to learn from and meet church leaders from across the region. During the 90 minutes residents get the opportunity to learn from seasoned pastors and ministry leaders, ask questions and engage in ministry conversations. The design of the Residency Project cohorts is intended to help residents forge friendships, get connected to local ministry resources, learn about the local ministry context, and get connected with other initiatives happening in the area. We've strategically selected 18 important topics for rising pastors and church-planters to be covered during the monthly gatherings. We've invited church leaders to speak about and to provide tools to residents to help encourage wise and thoughtful pastoral leadership relating to these topics.


Pastoral coaching

In addition to these monthly meetings residents will also be connected with a pastoral coach who will work with the resident to help him apply what he is learning from the cohort gatherings. These mentorship style relationships will also provide the resident the opportunity to ask questions, to learn from and be encouraged by a man older in the ministry.


local church discipleship

The third strand of the Residency Project model requires that residents be actively involved with discipleship and leadership development training at the local church level. Our leadership team will work with residents to help ensure that there are healthy and intentional models for ongoing discipleship and leadership development happening at their local church.


Prepared, connected,
& mobilized

for faithful ministry

A practical training program and networking group for aspiring and new pastors in the Foothills


starting out in ministry can be

Isolating, confusing, & frustrating 

But that's not the way it's supposed to be.



The City Residency Project exists to prepare, connect, and mobilize rising pastors, revitalizers, and church planters in the Foothills.

Learn from seasoned ministry leaders

Gain deeper understanding of your region

Get connected to regional resources

Cultivate relationships with other rising pastors

Develop practical ministry strategies

Join the residency Project


we want to see you

 in ministry

Our directional team is made up of seasoned pastors and ministry leaders who have years of experience faithfully serving the local church.


We know that many new pastors feel ill-equipped and lack relationships as they begin in ministry, because we were once in your shoes. Drawing on our own years of experience, we've designed practical and applicable pastoral equipping to help you navigate the early days of pastoring. You'll benefit from carefully designed sessions that include panel discussions, keynote talks and community conversations in addition to personalized pastoral coaching specifically curated to cover topics most relevant to young pastors. 

Here's the bottomline, we care about you and want to see you become an effective pastor of your individual local church for the sake of the gospel advance in our region. 

How it works
Residency Project

Over a 24 month period,

residents who

complete the program...


participated in 20 personalized ministry coaching sessions​

attended a minimum of 15 monthly cohort gatherings 

engaged in 24 months of discipleship in their local or sending church 

WILL Receive:

a certificate of completion 

a collection of recommended resources for local ministry 


a curated collection of pastoral resources 

a binder filled with summary documents from each monthly cohort training

a directory of key relationships with pastors, peers, convention, associational and network leaders


It's easy to join thE residency project

Sign-up to join the Residency Project


Be apart of monthly cohort meetings, get personalized pastoral coaching, and engage in local church discipleship 


Apply what you've learned and become more effective in your pastoral ministry



is the residency project right for YOU?

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